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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wurst Blogger...that is BRATWURST

Okay, so, I now realize that I need to blog at least every-other-day...sorry to my FOUR readers.

So, what's up with me? What'd I do last weekend? Thanks for asking.

Has anyone seen You, Me, and Dupree? Remember how Depree get's to wear a gold star in the wedding scene because he's the bestest of best friends to the groom? Ahmmm...

I am giving myself a gold star and the star is given to me by Lindsey Hodges. Why?
Oh no biggie, just went to a huge, unairconditioned warehouse/barn on Saturday night (yes, we have these in Wichy) and watched Germans dance all night in straight up leiderhosen. I get a star because I WAS THE BEST DANCER OUT ON THE DANCE FLOOR....JUSTTTT kidding, no dancing from me. I went as Lindsey's husband because he had to babysit Knox, AKA: watch Tech's game since he played for TTU. Anyway, it was actually fun! The big security man going through the German men and women proceeded to ask Lindsey, MA, Steven, and I if we had tickets...I said.."Well, kind of." He said REALLY loud, "Is it that hard of a question? Gah?" I proceeded to say, "Is it that hard of a job to be a ticket taker?"....NO I didn't...because, what's that? Oh YEAH...I'm jobless. So, I wasn't rude to him because I may be asking him if he needs an understudy soon.

Okay-so, we finally get in, Linds and I don't technically have our junior league tickets so...they let us in and we get dinner tickets and are twice as rude as big security man was. There were so many Germans because we have Sheppard AirForce Base in Wichita Falls and Germans love to fly planes...oh and becuase it was Oktoberfest..forgot to mention that. Sheppard (SAFB) is the second largest base in the U.S. of A. and contributes mucho to our economy. Go Germans! Go Wichy!

Things seen INSIDE Oktoberfest, not made up: German slideshow of what looked like to me as pictures of Sound of Music Halloween outfits from Party City. German dancers. OH--the camera man for KAUZ filming us and me shaking my head "no" the entire time so that it would be cut from footage. A BMW inside the building where people could "sit" in it for fun...don't really know if this was a game or something. A German dinner of..sausage, rolls, sauercraut, and pretzels. A comment said by me, "Linds, this is a REAL sausage-fest."Lots 'O German speaking people. It was neat to see their culture.

Things seen OUTSIDE of Oktoberfest, not made up either: Linds and Adele driving, without their headlights on, no, we weren't intoxicated one bit, believe me. A few airmen waving at us to stop, me saying, "Maybe they think we're cute..." Then, COP LIGHTS...WHAT? We're not hot? Nope, we were driving without headlights on...I contemplated telling the officer that it was a German tradition..but Linds covered by saying...."Oops...the Sewell people, turned my lights off...oh and I don't have my current insurance, oh and this license is expired because I like the picture better in the one!"

Oktoberfest taught me: We are VAIN. Also, that we have a pretty awesome amount of German culture in North Texas, you'd never think so!! 

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