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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mother of Pearl

On Sunday, Dad and I ventured out to Sunset, Texas to check out "Licks & Promises Kennels" to get a lab puppy. Kind of a weird name for a kennel but whatever. My Mom asked that we not get a puppy but an older lab, and that the lab not be chocolate because they are wilder. Well, we came home with a 7 week old chocolate lab. Such rebels.

We named her Pearl, even though she's brown and she's perfect! We had her completely checked out by our vet and he said she is GREAT!! That made a mother happy. :) Mom and I are both her Moms because I'm training her, staying up with her at night, and playing with her all day but if I move, Pearl stays with my parents. Just like we did with Belle. I was at the Riverhaus ("Riverhaus..Riverhaus...chicken and dumplins' everydayyyy!") last week and put some wildflowers on Belle's grave, let her know that we were really needing another dog since she had passed six weeks ago. It was very sad because Belle was a family member, not a dog. She was the best ever, we had her for seven years and I carry a stone that Belle and I were playing with the day she was hit, in my running shorts daily to remind me of her. It was "time" for a new addition, and as you know, it always helps heal the heart.

Pearl: Funny name for a funny puppy. Watching her run in the grass that is half her height is hilarious. She's got needles for teeth but is learning not to bite. She ALREADY walks on a leash with me and uses the bathroom outside right when you put her on the grass. Pearl and I stayed up the entire first night and starting at 5AM last this morning...but I don't even care because she's wonderful! We are very blessed to say the least!!

PS-Many of you received Adam Whitmire's email about fund-raising for Big Brother, Big Sisters, his goal is $3,000.00 and he only lacks $800.00 so please make a donation for this great philanthropy!!

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