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Monday, September 13, 2010

Campy Wichy

So,  Mom, Dad, and I are babysitting my four year old niece, Mary Ella, all week because her Austin school flooded last week.

We call it "Camp Wichy" and I guess I'm the head counselor. I'm paid in hugs and kisses, so that's fine by me! Here's the problem, what happens if the head counselor is completely worn out after the first day of  camp? Not to mention she's been asked several times, "Aunt Deli, why aren't you married?" "Why don't you have job?" "Where's Johnwells?...Oh, well, what's a Bo-mont?" Man, this camp is super fun for the campers but a reality check slash fist to the face for the counselors. Kind of a weight loss camp for the adults running it...literally, "running" it. I've been running around all day playing with dolls, horses, finger painting, wishing we had nap time. We get to have a new camper at 4PM today, Knox Hodges. He's coming to camp for an hour or so because Mary Ella "really wants to meet this funny, little guy." My favorite time of Camp Wichy is meal time, Mary Ella is the prayer leader at her school in Austin; therefore, leads (sings) all prayers at Camp. It's super cute and makes it all worth it!

Is it fair for a four year old to hurt my feelings? Nah--she just speaks the truth, unfortunately for me, the truth hurts sometimes. Do believe I'll be getting my real estate's license starting today...if I'm able to lift my fingers after day one of Camp Wichy. :)

All campers are welcome, with parents, of course.

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