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Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Morning Texoma! EGGS-actly...

My boyfriend once asked me where the city of Texoma was. I went into a long schpeal that Texoma was North Texas and South Oklahoma combined...AND that Texoma was the home of the best news channel around, Good Morning Texoma! (just like Full House's Good Morning San Francisco).

Anywhoo, I was watching Good Morning Texoma! two days ago when the lead anchor began talking about the egg recall and that many on the contaminated eggs could be in local grocery stores. He then said, in the deepest country accent, "Due to the current egg crisis, many Oklahoma residents are advisin' locals to become V..vvv...veegans? I hope I pronounced that right."

Word for word. Live, on the air. This really helped me start my day off the right way.

I actually really, really LOVE this news station because they cover it all! Tune in.

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